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Whether going for a rip while hacking a dart or smashing pints rebuilding the deck, your hands take a beating. At work and at play we assault our mitts with all sorts of shit.  Redneck Reparative Salve is a deep healing salve and is great for people who work with their hands. Mechanics, engineers, seams-persons, farmers, welders, builders and more. You won't be leaving any greasy stains on your clothes and others.  Soothes tired, overworked, cracked, chapped and dry hands, feet and lips.  Made for men and women alike with an amazing natural herbal scent.  Awesome for anyone that takes pride in building calluses doing honest work

Civilized Sasquatch

  • unrefined coconut oil*, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil*, shea butter*, tallow, calendula*, plantain*, rosemary*, comfrey*, beeswax*, therapeutic grade essential oils of blend sweet orange*, bergamot*, tea tree*, lemon*.

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